Brion Curran is Inspired to Serve


My name is Brion (she/her, pronounced bree-on). I am a Vadnais Heights resident, nonprofit health & human services employee, former police officer, social justice advocate, public education supporter, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives as your neighbor and advocate. Let's do great things together!

Minnesota House District 36B includes the communities of Birchwood Village, Gem Lake, White Bear Lake, Vadnais Heights, and parts of White Bear Township.

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"Your priorities are my priorities. Being an elected official means bringing the voice of the people to the room where decisions are made. When push comes to shove, what you want is what I will fight for because the work we need to do is bigger than just one person. It’s going to take our whole village."

- Brion Curran, House District 36B Candidate